The panel for people applying for student union board on 26.11. 15:15 TB109

The student union organizes a panel for all the people applying for the student union board. The panel is held on Wednesday 26.11. 15:15 o'clock in hall TB109. Here's good change to get to know the people applying for the board and ask questions concerning the next year!

You can find all the people who applied using the apply form here:

Come and challenge the people applying in active discussion for the better student union!

The panel is however held in Finnish but some questions may be in English.

You can also watch the panel from here:

Updated: 19.11.2014

Apply for Nyyrikki round -status for your event in 2015!

Nyyrikki round

Like Teemu round but bigger! TTYY would like to welcome You to be part of making of the Nyyrikki round, a whole year lasting adventure in 2015. The year 2015 will be a significant year for the Student Union since 2015 is the 50th anniversary of Teekkari culture in Tampere. The Nyyrikki round consists of events from which you will get a stamp in a Nyyrikki round leaflet. All the people who have participated in all of the events will be rewarded with a special and once-in-a-lifetime Emänyyrikki –title!

Updated: 17.11.2014

Student Union and International Office organize an international week!

 The week 48 is international at TUT!

The student union is organizing the International Eeek with TUT’s international office. Don’t hesitate to join any number of events! Fuksis will get fuksipoints.


24.11. MONDAY:

What is tandem – Ask about the languages! At 12-14 Sähkötalo 2nd floor lobby

Do you want to study languages, but non-flexible compulsory lectures just aren't your thing? TUT-Tandem is the solution for this!

The idea is that two people with different mother tongues improve their language skills together - e.g. a German learns Finnish and a Finn learns German in return. The meetings can be anything and as often as wanted.

25.11. TUESDAY:

Updated: 17.11.2014

Student Union's revised sub-organization guide in English

The Finnish version of the Student Union's sub-organization guide has now been translated to English. You can find the guide here.

Big thanks for the translation work to Pirita Härkisaari and the proofreaders George Kerola and Joonas Heloterä!

Updated: 12.11.2014

Nominate the candidates for Studen Unions stipend 2015

The year is coming to an end and the student union's board needs your help with the stipend candidates. Traditionally the student union grants nine stipend for it's own members/clubs for the good work in year. The categories for different stipends are the following: club of the year, halloped of the year, volunteer of the year, the section-member of the year, international of the year, event of the year, the student union council member of the year, writer of the year and teekkari of the year.

The more specific descriptions of the categories can be found from here:

The last date for nominees is 3.12.2014 and you can leave them here:

The stipends given before can be found here:

Updated: 12.11.2014

Verenluovutus /Blood donation

Blood donation by Red Cross in Festia 11.11. and 12.11. at 11-16. For donating blood, you need to have personal identification card issued by Finnish authority and stayed in Finland more than three months.

Updated: 11.11.2014

The Student Union Council and Board have elected new members to the university administration

Hallopeds are student representatives in the university administration. They are equal members with professors and other staff members in their relative organs. The student representatives strive to develop our university for the better from the student point of view. The term of the elected representatives is until the end of 2016.

Updated: 28.10.2014

TTYY is looking for new members of Teekkari section for the year 2015

TTYY is the only Student Union consisting solely on technical students in Finland, and thus TTYY’s Teekkari section has an important mission to foster and develop Teekkari culture.

Updated: 28.10.2014

Student Union recruitment event 5th of November at 16:00 in Sähkötalo upper hall.

Student union’s board recruitment event 5.11. at 16:00 in upper hall of Sähkötalo.

What would it feel like to be in the board of the Student Union in next year? What does the student union actually do? How can I apply for the student union board and how can I get there?

Updated: 28.10.2014

Student Union’s Day on the Field 3th of November in Sähkötalo upper hall

The Student Union office will be moved to Sähkötalo upper hall for one day. Welcome to say hi and to get familiar with the Student Union.

We offer free coffee and excellent company.

Updated: 28.10.2014



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