TTYY made a statement about a report on university structures in Finland

TTYY made a statement about report of university structures in Finland and the reaction towards the report. Unfortunately the statement is available only in Finnish.

More information:

Tero Holopainen                                                     

Member of the Board                                                     

040 713 0075  

Updated: 30.1.2015

Wappu Secretariat 2015 chosen!

The Student Union Board has chosen The Wappu Secretariat 2015.

The lucky ones are Mika Laatikainen (Skilta, 4th year), Sanni Papinkivi (Taraki, 4th year) and Tiina Mikkonen (MIK, 3th year).

Like the old proverb goes: "Wappu is Today!". Congratulations for the chosen ones!

Updated: 30.1.2015

Main partners of jubilee year

Main partners of Student Union of Tampere University of Technology jubilee year are Insta Oy and Koja Group which both are established in Tampere. They are supporting the whole jubilee year and they will be figured in different events and in other contexts.

Updated: 28.1.2015

The jubilee of The Student Union is here!

Student Union has come to the ripe age of 50. The best and the brightest have already noticed signs of festivities beginning: Wall of the parking structure has been adorned with a huge banderol, noticeboards of TTYY’s jubilee year have come to the hallways, “Tampereen teekkarit 50 vuotta” page is in Facebook and so on.

(HOX! If you still haven’t, go and like the page Relevant information will be posted there throughout the entire year.)

Updated: 22.1.2015

Student Union Council Meeting 10 / 14–15 and Take-out-your-teekkari-cap-day Jan 28th

Student Union Council Meeting TTYYE 10 / 14 – 15

Time: Wednesday 28th January 2015 at 16.15
Where: TUT, Festia Small 1

Wear your teekkari cap proudly for the day.

Updated: 21.1.2015

Info about Student Union fee for academic semester 2015-2016

 The TTYY's Student Union fee for next academic year will be 111,00 euros. Because the increase is larger than previous years, we wanted to inform you about one reason behind the increase. 

Updated: 19.1.2015

Free Movie Night for TUT's UTA's and TAMK's students

An evening for a movie in Arthouse cinema Niagara in

Kehräsaari (behind the Koskikeskus Mall) On Monday January 19th at 6.15 pm (be there in time!). The movie is free of charge
Sign up is needed and you can sign up here:
Movie is Finnish comedy film 21 Ways to Ruin a Marriage "A divorce is a probable and direct consequence of falling in love… or is it? The film follows A young sociologist Sanna, who sets out to document the countless ways there are to ruin a marriage for her doctoral thesis. We have someone who doesn't want to fall in love. We have another who wants just that. The third is married to the wrong woman, and the fourth is single. Soon everyone will be, if the 21 ways to ruin a marriage are put to use…"
Movie has English subtitles!
Tee and coffee available after the movie
Updated: 13.1.2015

Section Party on 21.1.

Have you always wondered what does the Section of Supervision of Interests do? Or in which Sections international students can participate? How often the Section meetings are organized and what do the Sections do?

You can get the answer to these question from the Section party, which the Student Union organizes on 21.1.2015 at 12.00  in the stair of the Department of architecture in Rakennustalo. In this party every Section will introduce themselves shortly and after that there will be stand for all the Sections. There will be also some sausages served and of course points for fuksis!



Updated: 12.1.2015

Change in the office hours of the Student Union

The Student Union office is closed on thursday 15. January.

Updated: 12.1.2015

The Student Union board got organized

The Student Union board and secretaries are back in the office after the Christmas. The new Student Union board also got organized.

Updated: 8.1.2015



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