The anniversary secretaries have been chosen!

The Student Union Board has chosen the 50th anniversary secretaries. They are:

Mikko Eronen (6th year, Skilta)
Lotta Suni (3rd year, Indecs)


Updated: 26.2.2015

Degree student: The last day to order teekkari cap 10.3.

Are you a degree student without a teekkari cap?
The last day to make your order and payment is 10th of March, if you want to get your cap for Wappu 2015.

Try-on and ordering is done at Paula's desk, the second floor of Päätalo.
For further questions email toimistosihteeri( a )

Updated: 26.2.2015

The Coreteams of the Student Union's Sections has been chosen!

The coreteams for the Student Unions Sections has been selected.This years coreteams are:

Updated: 24.2.2015

Studen Council meeting 11 / 14 - 15 Mon 2.3. 16.15 K1704

Student Union Council meeting TTYYE 11 / 14 – 15

Time: Monday 2nd of March at 16.15
Place: TUT, K1704

As usual, you can wear your teekkari cap for the whole day!

Updated: 23.2.2015

Wappu is almost here!

Wappu begins at 16th of April and lasts until 1st of May. If your club is planning to organize events during Wappu, remember to fill up the form in the following link: The deadline is 22nd of February. Once Wappu is closer, there will be notice boards around the campus for promoting Wappu information and events. 

Updated: 16.2.2015

Student representatives needed

Student representatives for university administrative organs

The Student Union of Tampere University of Technology is looking for student representatives (halloped) for TUT administrative organs. The student representatives are equal members with professors and other staff members in their relative organs. The student representatives strive to develop our university for the better from the student point of view.


Updated: 14.2.2015

Changes in the oppening hours of the Student Union office

The Student Union Office will be open from 5.2. to 12.2. at 10-14.

Updated: 4.2.2015

Apply to be an international tutor!

Be an international tutor!

Each year over 400 exchange students and 150 international degree students start their studies at TUT. Adapting to new situations at TUT and in Hervanta, Finnish culture, challenges in everyday life, studying and student life might seem a bit confusing in the beginning. Luckily the international student tutors help with all of these issues! If you want to be one of the international tutors during the academic year 2015-16, please apply now: The application period ends on 15 February.

Training sessions for international tutors will be organized during spring, and the tutoring starts in August 2015. Active tutoring will be awarded with 1 study credit!

Updated: 2.2.2015

TTYY made a statement about a report on university structures in Finland

TTYY made a statement about report of university structures in Finland and the reaction towards the report. Unfortunately the statement is available only in Finnish.

More information:

Tero Holopainen                                                     

Member of the Board                                                     

040 713 0075  

Updated: 30.1.2015

Wappu Secretariat 2015 chosen!

The Student Union Board has chosen The Wappu Secretariat 2015.

The lucky ones are Mika Laatikainen (Skilta, 4th year), Sanni Papinkivi (Taraki, 4th year) and Tiina Mikkonen (MIK, 3th year).

Like the old proverb goes: "Wappu is Today!". Congratulations for the chosen ones!

Updated: 30.1.2015



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