More about the cooperation of academic institutes

This information is a follow up for last weeks briefing about cooperation between academic institutes:

Even though the research wasn't really the best possible from student's point of view is TTYY really glad and looking forward the upcoming tighter cooperation. TTYY believes that there's lots of potential in tighter cooperation between all three academic institutes of Tampere. Also this cooperation gives students more freedom in their study choices. TTYY also sees that this research helps academic institutes nation widely and it's brave process. Certainly the forming of new kind of academic institute has lot's of challenges (for example fitting together different kind operational environments) but with common will we're ready to conquer even harder obstacles. It's also good to remember that the investigation done so far concerns just checking out the operational environments now and finding out what's the will of academic institutes for cooperation. After this the whole academic community of Tampere are part of the planning process, also students. TTYY wants to be tightly part of the upcoming planning process.

Updated: 22.10.2014

Take-your-teekkaricap-out day and Student Union Council's meeting on Wednesday 22.10.2014

Even though teekkaricaps were put down for the winter when September changed to October you can still put your cap on Wednesday 22.10.. Because on that day we're having take-your-teekkaricap-out day on whole campus!

The Student Union council's meeting is on the same day at 16:15 in lecture hall S3. All the members of Student Union have attendance right to the meeting. If you can't come to the lecture hall physically you can follow the meeting from online:

In the meeting we're discussing these subjects among other things:

  • Selection of student representatives to committees which are on student council's responsibility
  • The new version "Temppu" -example rule guide

Updated: 16.10.2014

University's briefing about cooperation between the three academic institutes in Tampere

The University released today this briefing: (Briefing only in Finnish)
Quite much the same information from Aamulehti's web page if you don't have access to Tutka: (Also only in Finnish)

The briefing is about forming tighter cooperation between the three academic institutes (University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology and Tampere University of Applied Sciences) in Tampere. The objective is to form cross-study, invigorating, globally attractive research and study environment which is based on high science and technology possession.

The Studen Union's office heard some rumors about the subject but didn't obtain any facts we could inform over. Student Union's board meets with the University's rectors tomorrow so we could know more about the subject. The Student Union's board has met with the investigator of the subject Stig Gustavson and brought the subject up with rectors but hasn't been given any facts. The Student Union is disappointed that the discussion about the subject has been behind closed doors so far.

Updated: 15.10.2014

Wellness Week

Student Union has prepared a Wellness week for all the students of TUT. Lots of different happenings to support your wellness and study ability. Check this out!


Updated: 15.10.2014

Free-of-charge Student Friendliest City of Finland festival in Tampere Thursday 25th of September!

City of Tampere together with Opiskelijan Tampere and the student unions in Tampere organizes free-of-charge festival this week's Thursday for all the students in Tampere. The festivals will be held in Pakkahuone. The performers in the festival are IDIOMATIC and Jukka Poika. The event is FREE-OF-CHARGE when you show your student card (however cloakroom is 2 euros). There are also bus rides available from Hervanta and back. So wear your overalls and put your teekkaricap on your head on Thursday and get partying with the students from other schools in Tampere. The free-of-charge bus ride to Pakkahuone starts from Tietotalo's bus stop on Thursday 25.9. at 18:30. The rides back to Hervanta are at 02:30 and 03:30 near Pakkahuone. The rides back cost you 2 euros so keep cash in hand!

What? FREE-OF-CHARGE party in Pakkahuone on Thursday 25.9. 19:00
How? FREE-OF-CHARGE bus ride from Tietotalo's bus stop at 18:30 to Pakkahuone
Dress code? Overalls and teekkaricap!
What else? Lots of cute humanist girls and boys.
Anything else? Jukka Poika and IDIOMATIC performing...
How to get back? Bus rides back to Hervanta at 02:30 and 03:30 near Pakkahuone. The rides back cost you 2 euros so keep cash in hand!

Teekkarit are coming and taking over Pakkahuone! See you at the party!

Facebook event:

Updated: 23.9.2014



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