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Wappu is here and so is WappUnion! WappUnion lets you know what's happening in Tampere during Wappu - whether you're from TUT, UTA or TAMK. You can also create spontaneously new events and suggest wappu-licious activities for others to join! To use the application you only need an Android phone and a Twitter account.

Updated: 18.4.2014

Old tiedotusjaosto's mailing list has been deleted

Old ttyy-tiedotusjaosto(ät) maling list has been deleted. The list has been replaced last year with ttyy-tiedotuslista(ät) -mailing list. The members of tiedotusjaosto's mailing list have been moved to tiedotuslista's mailing list and the delete process doesn't need any reaction from the members of the mailing list. In future all the events should be posted to ttyy-tiedotuslista(ät) -mailing list. You can join and remove yourself from the mailing list here:

Updated: 1.4.2014

Pertti Liljeroos Memorial Fund grants open for applications

Pertti Liljeroos Memorial Fund grants are open for applications since March 31th 2014. The purpose of the fund is to support the wellness of the students of the University of Tampere and Tampere Technical University, their welfare and ability to study by granting scholarships for related projects, events, and trainings.

Updated: 31.3.2014

The student union is looking for a group to organize the corporate relations of its 49th annual ball

The student union is looking for a group to organize the corporate relations of its 49th annual ball

Fluently written and spoken Finnish is required. For more information, check the corresponding Finnish news.

Updated: 24.3.2014

Mediasection's meeting on 26.3. 13:15 in Sähkötalo's upper hallway

Mediasection's meeting on 26.3. at 13:15 in Sähkötalo's upper hallway.

Sorry, this meeting and presentation is only in Finnish. It's about Mediasection's meeting where we're having a guest coming over and telling us about journalist's work. The meeting will be held in Sähkötalo's upper hallway on Wednesday 26.3. at 13:15.

Updated: 19.3.2014



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