Section excursion is here again!

Section of Superversion of Intrests organizes together with International section an excursion to Helsinki on Wednesday 7th of October.

During the day we will visit head office of Teknologiateollisuus ry (this visit includes a presentation from Outotec also), Finnish UN Association and the Museum of Technology.

The coach for this excursion starts at 7:30 am from parking space behind Konetalo and we will return back to the same spot around 19:30. Attending this excursion costs 5 e/person which you should have with you in cash when you sign up for the trip. During the day we will receive a free lunch at Teknologiateollisuus ry but you can bring some snacks and/or money with you so that you will get through the day without being too hungry.

Student Union office opening hours during summer

During summer Student Union office will be open as follows:

•    normally until the end of May
•    1.6. – 17.6. from Tuesday to Thursday at 10–12
•    18.6. – 31.7. OFFICE IS CLOSED
•    1.8. – 16.8. Monday to Friday at 10–14
•    17.8. orientation week starts, office open normally


Updated: 21.5.2015

The last WerkkoAnturi of this academic year is out!

Did you notice the May issue of WerkkoAnturi is out? The issue will be the last one of this academic year.

This issue will tell you why there is value in international networking.
In addition the results of last month's WerkkoAnturi Questionnaire are here!

To the magazine:

Updated: 19.5.2015

TTYY decided to give its development cooperation fund, 2000 euros, to the victims of the earthquakes in Nepal


- We wanted to give our support to the massive material and cultural rebuilding in Nepal. Natural disasters can happen anywhere, irrespective of people’s wealth or nationality. In these unpredictable catastrophes we, who have the means to help, have to act quickly and accordingly to the need, says Maria Kultanen, Student Union’s responsible for development cooperation.

In addition to the donation TTYY organized a charity movie show at the campus on the 11th of May. The movie was Autolla Nepaliin – Unelmien elokuva (In a Car to Nepal - A Movie of Dreams). Approximately 150 students came to see the movie.

More information:
Maria Kultanen, 040 713 0076
Teemu Viljamäki, 040 713 0080


Updated: 14.5.2015

Summer gathering of the whole campus!

What could be a better plan for a nice summer day, than to catch up with university buddies across guilds and clubs?

Come and take all your TTY friends to Etunurtsi on Saturday 27th of June! There will be great DJ’s lifting up the atmosphere,  and barbeques, saunas and hot tubs will be warmed up from 4pm to 8 pm. If you feel like the night ends too soon, no worries – old and reliable Cupola will take care of the rest of the night.

Updated: 12.5.2015

Equality survey has ended

The Student Union’s equality survey has now ended. In total 587 people answered to the survey, thanks for all the respondents! Results from this survey will be used for TTYY's equality plan, but as well it will be used for University's equality work. 

New Honorary Teekkaris Kirsi Reiman ja Ismo Nykopp!

The Student Union of Tampere University of Technology has granted the title of honorary teekkari to Kirsi Reiman and Ismo Nykopp. The honorary teekkaris were the first ones to be dipped into Tammerkoski rapids on the first of May.

Updated: 11.5.2015

Looking for student representatives for restaurant customer committees!

Apply for restaurant customer committee!

TUT's restaurants are looking for student representatives for their customer committees. Customer committee's role is to give feedback and monitor the quality of restaurants and propound wishes for restaurants. Reports and  developing aspects are discussed in the committees. Term starts 1.9.2015 and takes two years.

SpringNyyrikki patches available next week!

In the next week there are two dates when you can get the SpringNyyrikki patch:

- Wednesday 13th of May at 16-18 o'clock at student union cafe

- Friday 15th of May at 12-14 o'clock at student union cafe

Come and get your patch at these dates. If there is no way you can manage there at those times, please contact the Jubilee Team!

Updated: 6.5.2015

Welcome to the Student Union Council meeting Tue 12.5. at 16:15


What:     Student Union Council meeting TTYYE 13 / 14 – 15
When:    Tuesday 12.5.2015 at 16:15
Where:   TUT, K1703

Updated: 6.5.2015



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