Student representatives for Tampere university of technology administrative boards wanted

The Student Union of Tampere University of Technology is looking for student representatives for TUT administrative boards. The administrative language in Finnish, so fluent skills in both written and spoken Finnish is required from the applicants. For more information (in Finnish) visit and

Updated: 20.9.2014

Study grant finishing before bachelor degree?

 If you're student who is doing bachelor thesis in TUT, receive study grant from The Social Insurance Institute of Finland and you have less than 9 months of study grant left, please answer Student Unions' (TTYY) enquiry and tell us about the reasons which has led to the situation, that your study grant months may end before finishing your bachelor degree.

Updated: 19.9.2014

Student Union of Tampere University of Technology – Statement on the TUT staff well-being

The Student Union of Tampere University of Technology (TTYY) is concerned about the employee well-being within our University. Wide organizational changes and co-operation negotiations have struck the employee well-being at work so heavily that the effects are already visible even in the students’ everyday life.

The number of teaching staff has been heavily reduced and the teachers’ frustration has been visible during and after the negotiations. The biggest possible loss concerning our students is the voluntary resignation of the most respected teachers caused by the dampening work atmosphere.

From the Student Union’s viewpoint it is difficult to see how the recent measures could improve the quality of teaching in our University and its brand for the better. A recent study conducted by Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK shows that co-operation negotiations have several long-term effects in weakening the work atmosphere (the study in Finnish

Tampere University of Technology has chosen proficient people and inspiring work environment to be the keystones in its strategy. The Student Union points out that individual’s skills and experience have no meaning without high employee morale. Inspiring work environment cannot be built on uncertainty. As a side effect for the weakening work atmosphere the brand of TUT has suffered a blow that will have far-reaching impact on the University’s applicant marketing. Good work atmosphere is a significant factor in the employee recruitment process. The Student Union of Tampere University of Technology strongly advises the University to take measures without delay in improving TUT’s faculties work atmosphere, using the existing employee resources and external professionals.

Tampere 12.9.2014

Mikko Rahikainen, Chairman of The Board
Mikko Sulonen, Secretary General

Updated: 16.9.2014

The Student Friendliest City of Finland festival in Tampere 25th of September 19:00

The Student Friendliest City of Finland festival in Tampere 25th of September.

What is the student friendliest city of Finland like? What things can be found from a student city? What kind of qualities should a city have in order to make it comfortable and homey place to live for students?

Updated: 15.9.2014

JA-HAA! Fair September 11th (Thu) 10am – 3pm


JA-HAA! Fair September 11th (Thu) 10am – 3pm

In the JA-HAA! Fair leisure clubs, professional clubs and Student Union’s sections present themselves.
Whether you’re a fuksi or already have a few years in TUT come and find out what kinds of cool activities you can find in the campus area to counterweight studying.

The fair will be held in Festia hall, Konetalo hall and the TUT front lawn.

Points for fuksis!

Updated: 10.9.2014



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