TTYY lahjoitti 2000 euroa palvelukoti Koivupirtille

TTYY donated 2000 euros for sheltered home of the aged and hopes it will be used for recreational services. When the student union delegation arrived, nurses and residents were really happy. TTYY wishes merry Christmas and happy new year!




Updated: 19.12.2014

The Stundet Union's sections want you!

Would you like to organize cultural or sports events? Does it feel like you would have ideas on how to improve the feedback system in our university or the Student Unions webpages? Do you want to help to make the campus truly international?

This and much more is done in the Student Unions Sections (jaostot). Now is the right time to apply to be member in the sections’ core team!

All sections are looking for presidents and core team who together plan and carry out the projects of different sections. If you are particularly interested in a specific task you can apply for that, but you can also apply just to be a core member in a certain section. Everyone can apply to the core teams. Please also note that the international section is the only one which has the meetings in English, all others are held mostly in Finnish.

You don’t need to be an expert to apply.  You just need to be interested!

Updated: 18.12.2014

TTYY has awarded Jussi Kangas as the Best lecturer of 2014

TTYY yearly awards one of the teachers of TUT with the Best lecturer award. The winner of 2014 is Jussi Kangas from the department of mathematics. The winner was chosen by TTYY's supervision of interests sections' core team from the suggestion of Bioner.

Updated: 15.12.2014

Respond to Tampere3-survey!

TTYY published an announcement about collaboration between Tampere HEIs. You can read it from our website:

More news about the process you can find from POP and TUTKA.


We have also open a query in collaboration with TAMY and TAMKO. Student Union of Tampere University of Technology wants to gather opinions from our members about collaboration between Tampere HEIs (Higher Education Institutes).

You are welcome to answer our query here:

Please feel free to tell us your opinions!

Updated: 12.12.2014

TTYY informs: Status of collaboration between Tampere HEIs

 TTYY wants to inform our members what has happened with collaboration process between Tampere Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) from point of view of our Student Union in last weeks. This text is a brief summary of the status of the collaboration process.

In spring 2014 Tampere HEIs invited experienced industry executive Stig Gustavsson to identify how Tampere HEIs could make closer collaboration. Gustavsson presented his report to the boards of Tampere HEIs in the beginning of autumn. After that all three HEIs published in October a bulletin that they want to clarify if it is possible to create a new unique university in Tampere.

Updated: 12.12.2014

The Student Union stipends 2014 granted

The Student Union board has granted stipends for the following persons for their active operation for the Student Union in year 2014.

  • Student Union council member of the year: Markus Ovaskainen
  • Halloped of the year: Juho Mäntysaari
  • Section member of the year: Tiia Virtanen
  • Writer of the year: Saila Huhtiranta
  • International of the year: Nemat Dehghani
  • Club of the year: Tampereen Teekkarien Soitannollinen Seura (TTSS)
  • Event of the year: Torvikopla's Outoon valoon -disc release
  • Teekkari of the year: Tiina Mikkonen
  • Volunteers of the year: Ari Alanko and Jannika Paulamäki

Value of the stipend is 200 euros.


Updated: 11.12.2014

Changes in Finnish Students Health Service's appointment fees starting 1.1.2015

 Finnish Students Health Service's appointment fees rise 1.1.2015. This is because the state's rental subsidy received by the FSHS is to be halved. Student appointment fees will rise for certain specialist services (excluding psychiatrists) and long oral health appointments. General practitioner, public health nurse, dental hygienist, short dentist appointments (max. 10 min) and mental health appointments will remain free of charge for students.

Updated: 9.12.2014

The Student Union office is closed on 5.12.

The Student Union Office is closed on Friday 5th of December. The office will be normally open again on Monday.

Updated: 4.12.2014

TTYY board 2015 chosen

The student union council has chosen the board for year 2015 in their election meeting.

The chairman of the board will be Teemu Viljamäki, Industrial Engineering and Management, 4th class

Members of the board will be:

  • Emmi Hallikainen, Information Technology, 5th class
  • Maria Kultanen, Biotechnology, 3rd class
  • Matti Mäkinen, Industrial Engineering and Management, 4th class
  • Tero Holopainen, Automation technology, 7th class
  • Varpu Orasuo, Environmental and Energy Technology, 4th class
  • Ville Tyrväinen, Knowledge and Information Management, 6th class
  • Erik Haara, Industrial Engineering and Management, 3th class

The board will get organized at the start of the year 2015.

Masi Kajander, Information Technology, 7th class was chosen as the chairman of the student union council.


Updated: 4.12.2014

Tupsulan klaani has been selected to organize Yöwäen bileet -party!

The Student Union Board has selected Tupsulan klaani to organize the legendary Yöwäen bileet -party in Wappu 2015. The party will be organized in honour of the 50th anniversary of teekkari activities in Tampere after the capping of the Finnish Maiden on 30th of April. The main organizer for the party on behalf of Tupusulan klaani is Miika Pärssinen.

Congratulations to Tupsula and thanks to all applicants!

Updated: 2.12.2014



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