Student Union Budget Meeting Wed 25.11. at 16.15

Welcome to the budget meeting!

Student Union Council meeting TTYYE 16 / 14 – 15
Wednesday 25.11.2015 at 16.15 –
TTY, TB103   

The meeting is the council term's sixteenth and the last meeting.
The meeting is organized by the Student Union rules 17 § as the budget meeting. The meeting will decide:

- Student Union fee for the next academic year.
- Student Union budget and action plan for the year 2016.


- Paper of Teekkari Action 2016-2020.
- TTYY representatives to the FSHS delegation

You can wear your teekkari cap the whole day!

Updated: 19.11.2015

Degree student, order your teekkarilakki!

Teekkari caps can now be tried on and ordered at Paula's desk on the 2nd floor of Päätalo.

The price of the cap for the first year degree students depends on the ordering and payment date as follows:

  • ordered and paid by 4.12.2015 - 105 euros
  • ordered and paid by 5.2.2016 - 120 euros
  • ordered and paid by 16.3.2016 - 125 euros

To other than first year students the price is 150 euros.

Updated: 17.11.2015

Student Union office closed on Mon 23.11.

The office will be closed the whole Monday 23.11. We will open again the following Tuesday at 10.

Updated: 16.11.2015

Suggest nominees for Acknowledgements of the Student Union!

The Student Union gives annually acknowledgements to active members or groups.
Do you know someone/some group who would certainly deserve an acknowledgement?

The categories are:

Teekkari of the year
Club of the Year
Halloped of the year
Volunteer of the year
Section member of the year
International of the year
Event of the Year
Student Union Council Member of the Year
Writer of the year

Read more about the criteria and give you suggestion 3.12. the latest at:


Updated: 12.11.2015

Guild Council's Christmas gift tempaus for the children in families facing poverty

Every child deserves a gift on Christmas!

The Guild Council is organizing a Christmas gift tempaus in co-operation with Joulupuu Tampere. The idea is to collect gifts for children of ages 0–17. There are around 10 000 children and young people in Tampere who live in challenging circumstances, facing poverty and are expected not to be receiving Christmas presents of their own.

Updated: 9.11.2015

Student Union new Secretary for Educational Affairs is Leena Jarkko!

The Student Union Board has chosen Leena Jarkko to be the new Secretary for Educational Affairs.

Leena is a Nth year student of mechanical engineering. She is a vice student representative in two TUT administrative organs and she has worked as a study advisor in TUT. Leena has previous experience from the guild of architecture, guild of mechanical engineering, NääsPeksi and Tupsula.

TTYY congratulates the new secretary, welcomes her into the secretariat and thanks all who applied for the position!

Updated: 6.11.2015

November issue of WerkkoAnturi has been published!

Student Union monthly online magazine has been published again!

In the November issue you can read about the section excursion and what Carlos Carrara has to say about Hard times, tough people.

Read the magazine here:

Updated: 4.11.2015

In its 50th anniversary gala TTYY granted Awards of Honour to people who have dedicated themselves to strengthening the teekkari spirit in Tampere

Last Saturday, in its 50th anniversary gala, TTYY granted Awards of Honour to people who have dedicated themselves to strengthening the teekkari spirit in Tampere and who have made huge accomplishments on behalf of the Student Union.

Student Union medal of highest degree
Erkki Uusi-Rauva

Student Union medals
Jukka Saarinen, Olli Niemi, Sami Kaurto, Heikki Kauppi, Pekka Kähkönen, Pekka Leikas, Tiina Äijälä, Tuomo Huuskonen, Ulla Ruotsalainen, Kari Kankaala ja Yrjö Taivainen.

Student Union standard
Tampereen teknillinen seura

Kelpo Teekkaris
Juha ”juffe” Toivonen, Mikko ”jaati” Jaatinen ja Ari ”cowtown” Alanko

Good lecturer
Sami Paavilainen

Tampereen teknillinen seura grant
Tampere University of Technology Language Center

TTYY congratulates the awarded once again!

Updated: 2.11.2015

Student Council Election 2015: Advance voting has begun!

 Dear member of the Student Union!


It's time to elect the Council for Student Union of Tampere University

of Technology for time period 1.1.2016–31.12.2017. The 35 Council

members are elected by a general voting among the members of Student

Union. The Council uses the highest decisive power of Student Union.


The advance voting of Student Union Council election started today

the 27th of October 2015 at 00:00. You can vote with your

personal intranet account in


Updated: 27.10.2015

Student Council Election 2015: Search for your candidate!

The Election is coming and you are not yet sure about who’s your candidate.

The answer for this is the voting aid provided to us by SYL. There are 20 questions and you are able to answer those. These questions are from areas of educational, social or cultural affairs.  By answering the questions the aid calculates the most suitable candidate for you according to your answers.

Updated: 21.10.2015



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