Emergency accommodation for new students

Hey new student! 

Updated: 13.8.2014

New worker to strenghten Corporate relations team

The Student Union's board has chosen Mikko Virtanen to help with the advertisement sales for the 50th
Updated: 11.8.2014

Summer greetings from Student Union - remember the academic year enrollment!

Hello everyone, summer is here! At least in Finland, hopefully in foreign countries too.

New students have about three weeks till the orientation week starts, older students have one more week till the academic year starts. Just a little reminder for everyone that the deadline for academic year 2014-2015 is 2014-09-03. Older students have got e-mail about the enrollment and better briefing. You can enroll to academic year in POP. Just navigate yourself to My Profile and click Semester enrollment.

You need your TUT's intranet account to enroll. If you've lost your account details contact the TUT's IT-helpdesk in Main Building's second floor.

With the academic year enrollment you can pay the guild- and sports fee. Student Union relay's the guild fees to the guilds during fall. There are 12 guilds and your payment (if you decide to pay guild fee) are directed to the degree program's guild you're assigned to.

You can find about the services included with sports fee here: http://sport.unipolitampere.fi/opportunities/Mainpage.html

Enjoy the rest of the summer! No matter how you spend your summer, we'll see in August!

Updated: 23.7.2014

Tupsula to organize FWR-Afterparty

TTYY's board had meeting on 27th June and selected Tupsula to organize the FuksiWundeRunde afterparty. FuksiWundeRunde and the afterparty will be on 30.9.2014. The afterparty functions also as "Lakinlaskijaiset".

Congratulations to Tupsula and big thanks to all applicants!

Updated: 29.6.2014

New secretary general and secretary of communications and organizations chosen

TTYY's board had meeting today Saturday 7.6.2014 and chose new secretary general and secretary of communications and organizations. New secretary general is Tuomas Hirvonen and secretary of communications and organizations Joonas Heloterä.

Updated: 7.6.2014



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